Spindle deactivation

Receive my Nomad yesterday. Already cut a little project and came out nice. Want to do some drag engraving and want to disable the spindle. Already search but don’t know how to do it. can someone explain me step by step.

You’ll need to use CAM which will allow this, or edit the G-Code file to remove the spindle activation code — see: https://wiki.shapeoko.com/index.php/G-Code

Open your .nc file (gcode file) in a simple text editor. Delete the M3 line (or possibly M4), including the Sxxxx right after it. (xxxx representing whatever speed you entered, CC does not allow you to enter zero.) Save the file and use in CM.

If using this method, have your drag bit operation be a separate file so the M3 will only appear once near the top of the list.

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Thanks bpedit
Already do it and work.
Have other problems now :slight_smile:
I am breaking every burr I put. Seems it drag in the material. Not the engraving tool, cutting tool. And the engraving one drag into the material every step it moves even isn’t engraving path. Any idea???

Retract Height was set at 0 so I use 3mm. I am cutting 1.07mm silver. My problem now is start deep.
I use stock top .000mm and .167mm deep per pass 20mm feedrate and 30mm plungerate. 8000rpm 1mm end cutter. It plow too deep in first cut and my cutter broke (5). I reset to 0 z position and use a paper for it. Try different setting and first cut is too deep. Any suggestion. Thanks.

My suggestion would be to do some test cuts in less expensive material.

Set the zero on the surface as you have been and do a series of cuts ranging from minimal to the desired depth per pass — measure them after cutting and see what your zero is actually setting to.

What sort of paper are you using? Have you used a caliper to measure it? I usually use the wax paper used on the double stick tape (since I gave up smoking — cigarette paper is ~0.001" thick, blanking on how thick the wax paper measures, but it was pretty consistent on the last roll I used)

Appreciate your answer, already do it with some aluminum stock and work. But my surface inst flat completely and need to find a way to be flatter.

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