Spindle Fan Machining Tutorial (video)


This has been months in the making - had all the footage shot but needed to do some voiceover… Life has a way of keeping you busy!! Hah

Hopefully you find it useful! And looking forward to doing many more tutorials in the future :slight_smile:

(Mike Hellers) #2

Thanks for this tutorial Darren. I have been looking to find the STL files, but couldn’t find them anywhere yet, with the exception of the more generic one on thingiverse.


Here you go:


(Rob Grzesek) #4

Great video Darren



Awesome work! Thank you for going into detail.

(Chris del Valle) #6

I would love to have this stl file, but when I followed your link it said “This folder is in the owners trash. To view this folder, ask the owner to restore it.” So if possible could you please restore this file? Thanks

(Sabi Kiss) #7

Hiya Darren … any chance we could get the STL file? Link does not work. Would really appreciate it. Even an email with it. Cheers

(Phil Gorsuch) #8

Take a poke around Thingiverse and you will find a couple similar project files. Not a spindle fan enthusiast so haven’t made one but the following might get you there:

(Sabi Kiss) #9

Found all those, but they attach to the actual drill bit, which makes it lots shorter.

(Sabi Kiss) #10

Guess its still a good starting point. Cheers

(Sabi Kiss) #11

Gcode files are actually attached to Darren’s youtube video. In case anybody else still looking for them.

Cheers Darren.

(rlicquey@gmail.com) #12

I made this one for the 611. http://a360.co/2uDDyAf .