Spindle keeps stalling mid cut

I keep trying to cut just a few simple shapes using Easel and the spindle keeps stalling, sometimes even before starting the job, any idea what the problem is?

What feeds and speeds are you using?

Post the G-Code?

Do you have the same difficulty with files made using Carbide Create or MeshCAM?

Haven’t tried it on CC or MeshCAM, here’s the G-Code…

Copy of Untitled.nc (218.1 KB)

What material are you cutting which needs the spindle at max RPM (10,000)?

Is it stalling on the profile? That’s a slot, and slots have the maximum possible tooling engagement — add geometry around and cut as a pocket.

Im cutting aluminum, should i lower the RPM? I also just tried it on Carbide Motion, still stalls.

See: https://docs.carbide3d.com/support/#tooling-support — per that, aluminum should be 9200 rpm @ 8 i.p.m. w/ 1 i.p.m. plunge

Contact us at support@carbide3d.com and we’ll get this sorted out.

Can you clarify this? The spindle stalls when it’s not engaged in the stock material?

So i just changed my settings as Will suggested, tried it on Easel and Carbide Motion, and the Spindle just stalls before even touching the material, everything else keeps going, just no spindle.

sounds like maybe a wiring issue?

I haven’t checked any of the wiring, any suggestions on what to check? I never took one of these apart.

I don’t have a Nomad but I would check to see if a connector gets pulled while it moves. You say it turns on I guess near the origin then when the spindle moves, it turns itself off before beginning the cut. Maybe if you look at the wires going to the spindle and see if/where they get pulled to try to see if the cable is damaged in the area or if a connector gets pulled. One of the wires may also be coming out the back of the connector for example cutting power/signal to the spindle.


I had this exact issue with an 883.1. It was a failure in the harness between the motion board and the spindle motor. C3D sent me a replacement part and that fixed it.

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I second this question. Is it activating the emergency stop with the spindle stop or is the spindle stopping then the fact that the spindle isn’t turning causing the emergency stop to activate when the stopped spindle collides with the stock?

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