Spindle Motor Doesn't Spin

Halfway through day three of using my new Nomad, the spindle motor stops turning on. It was running smoothly, but then the spindle motor would turn off. I tried restarting the job and part way through it would quit out again. Now it won’t even turn on at all. What could be the issue and how do I fix it?

That’s not a common complaint on the forum… It’s unlikely (because it’s a brushless motor) that it would have anything mechanically wrong with it.

Yeah that sounds like a quality-control or glitch issue; have to check your code to ensure that the commands you’re expecting are in there, especially if you’re pulling code from anywhere other than MeshCAM, and also you’ll want to get a log of the Carbide communications with the GRBL controller to see if there’s any errors there that aren’t reporting through.

Are there any errors that it throws, and does it realize something is wrong and stop, or does it just go like it’s ready to cut away, but the spindle doesn’t kick on?