Spindle Motor Intermittently Stops and Starts During Job (RESOLVED)

My machine’s spindle stops intermittently while cutting. This is a problem since xyz motion continues, which usually snaps off my mill end. I reviewed the G-Code to ensure that meshcam didn’t ask for any changes in spindle direction or speed (9000rpm). I would like to check the error log files, but haven’t found them yet.

Also, the motor is not stalling, since it occurs even during ‘air’ cuts.

Please help me isolate the problem to hardware or software, so I can fix accordingly.

Hi @JMaxwell,

Sorry to hear that you’re having some odd behavior with the spindle! That’s definitely not normal, and something we can help you sort out.

Can you shoot an email to support@carbide3d.com (if you haven’t already) so it gets into the ticket system? And can you include a few details? Specifically, please note for us:

Computer Platform (PC/MAC) and OS version
Version of Carbide Motion
Version of MeshCAM
Nomad Serial #
The g-code file you last used that you experienced the problem with

I know some of those things seem unrelated since it definitely seems like a hardware issue, but it helps us to make sure we cover all the angles. If you can “catch it in the act” with a video of it doing that behavior so we can get an idea of periodicity of the problem and duration of the pauses, that’ll be helpful too, perhaps if you can run the job just doing an air-cut?

Thanks, and looking forward to getting you squared away!

Thanks to Jorge at Carbide for responding so quickly with parts.

A new spindle motor and cable assembly fixed the problem. It has been a week now and I haven’t seen any signs that the spindle stopped unexpectedly. The root cause is still unknown, but now that I up and running again, I am not so interested in figuring it out.

The power supply was also replaced during the troubleshooting since it was making some funky noises (the fan i think), but the new supply didn’t resolve the problem.


I have noticed this behavior from my machine lately, and I was wondering: is there any chance that this would be caused by a fault in the gcode, or is it automatically a hardware issue / failure?

To be specific, I’m currently cutting a piece of pine molding as a simple project to become familiar with two sided jobs, and I have noticed and heard maybe three or four instances where the spindle has stopped spinning during a pass, and then kicks in a few seconds later, producing a ‘baarooo’ kind of sound as the RPMs get up to speed.

There’s been no harm to my bit yet, though I could see where it could happen. I’m not relishing the idea of another hardware issue, but I want to be fully functional, bottom line.

I’m using Windows 10, i3 laptop, Nomad serial #00158, Meshcam 6, build 27, Carbide Motion 2.0.314.

Here’s the gcode: …oops - am I not allowed to post that here? I’m getting a message to that effect. I’ll be glad to get other info upon request, though.

Thanks in advance!

I just ran the first job on my new Nomad, and I noticed this too. Until I saw this thread, I assumed it was by design (i.e. that the spindle was stopped during rapids for some reason).

It didn’t cause any problems because I was machining light PU foam (I didn’t want to break any cutters while figuring out the machine). As far as I can tell there are no spindle speed commands in the GCode, which came from MeshCAM. Is the spindle supposed to turn at constant speed the whole time a job is running? If so, my machine isn’t doing that…

It happened to mine this week too. I was cutting wood. First thought was that USB and macbook sleeping but caffeine was running at that time.
Gcode has no spindle stops and I was thinking about tapping with osciloscope to check spindle motor signals:))

@anton42, @bobtato, shoot us an email to support at Carbide and we’ll get it sorted out.

My machine is doing the same thing. I just had a hard crash and chewed into the blocks on my Carbide3D vise. It seems to happen randomly. I suspect it is also a hardware issue. I contacted support a few days ago (before I never crashed, it luckily only did it on rapid moves) but have not yet heard back. Hopefully I’ll hear something back soon.