Spindle motor noise

I have just completed the install of a 800w 110v spindle to my Shapeoko 3, but I’m concerned that the spindle is too noisy and would like your opinion, please.

Attached is a video clip of my newly install Spindle which seem to be very noisy over 8000RPMS. The spindle video is running between 2000-24000. Does this sound normal with the high pitch over 8000 RPMS?

Here the video:
[PXL 20230223 011520571 - YouTube]

Thanks for viewing.

Wow - that seems off. Did you run the multi-hour break in routine? Here was from my spindle:

Break in the spindle prior to very first use by running

30 min at “low speed” (I did 500 RPM)
20 min at 3000 RPM
20 min at 6000 RPM
repeat for 20 min ever 3000 RPM increment to 24000

Also, are you certain the noise is coming from the spindle and not VFD (just as a gut check).


Also, if you’re controlling through your boards PWM signal, here’s macro for a daily warmup.

  1. Ongoing, warm up the spindle for “15-20 min” each day before use. I’d also do this if I let is sit idle for multiple hours, especially when my garage is cold in the winter. I created a 15 min macro in cncjs to run while I’m setting up other things to prepare for jobs.

I actually created 2 - this one is 15 min for colder garage days and then a 10 min one for warmer garage days. Modify to your needs.

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@ dandangerous, thanks for the quick reply.

I did do some break in runs of 30 min at 6000-1200-24000 initially and the high pitch was there then.

I’m sure the noise is coming from the spindle.

I have run the warm program above starting at 2000 to 2400 about 20 times and generated one with G4P15.0 for the video I attached.

The changing pitch is what concerns me.

Gosh yeah - that sounds like a spindle issue. Maybe a bearing issue or an electrical noise issue. This is my 800W air-cooled (which are typically a little louder) spindle running at 24K after warmup. https://photos.app.goo.gl/nnDTZkNLgkyCzp2K8

I checked with Decibel X app on my phone, 62db at 3 feet from the spindle. The 70db max in the screen shot was right at the spindle.


You could check the wiring connection under the end cap. I haven’t gone beyond that with disassembly :slight_smile: . Hope the spindle company will help you with a warranty claim.

Dan, measured my spindle it @ 62db and max out at 76db and a peak freq of 2.3k Hz.

Got the spindle from Amozon and it’s a Haunyang spindle so I’m hoping it will be an easy exchange.

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Are you certain that all parameters are correctly set?
There are several great threads on this forum with a lot of information on setup.

For example this one:

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Kenneth, thanks of your suggestion but I did use @Juliens settings and some setting for the other 110v spindle threads. So, I’m sure my setting are correct.

Looking at the video, it sounds like the low pitch noise (behind the horrible high pitch) is the regular sound it should make, and that’s quite constant and regular so the bearings are probably not completely toast. It’s “something” rubbing somewhere in there…Does the spindle make any squeaky noise when you rotate the shaft manually (and slowly ?). Anyway there is probably not much you can do except return it.

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Julien, thanks. The spindle is nice and smooth when I rotate it manually. Perhaps, the coils are not bonded correctly causing the high pitch noise?

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