Spindle not spinning...loose pulley belt?

Hey guys,

I was milling a piece of material this afternoon, and my spindle suddenly stopped spinning, broke my #112 cutter and also seems to have put my spindle out of order. My feeds and speeds were pretty normal and I have run the same job a few times with no issues.

The motor belt (?) seems to be pretty loose…I’m thinking this might be the issue? I’ve tried to turn the spindle on with Carbide motion…but it just stutters around a couple times and then stops.

Here is a video of the spindle in it’s current state: https://vimeo.com/194571598


Please contact support@carbide3d.com — they’ll be able to set this right.

Thanks Will! I sent a support email about an hour ago…figured I’d see if anyone had any suggestions on here in the meantime…anxious to get back to machining…I love my Nomad!

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This raises a question I’d been wondering about — we’ve got a decent list of replaceable / consumable parts for the Shapeoko 3 — is there a similar list for the Nomad 883 Pro?

I had a similar problem…on.some days the spindle was operating as normal, on other days it would.not.start but instead just “shutter”

In my case the spindle was damaged (from that beginning, I only had 3 hours of runtime with wax) and the motor was not able to overcome the initial friction of the bearings…carbide send me over a new spindle and I never had problems again…getting the new spindle I could feel the much higher resistance of the broken one

Hope that helps


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