Spindle ring light

I bought a led spindle ring light that, in the picture, showed a plug in power supply was supposed to come with it. Theres not even anything telling you what power it needs, I’m assuming 12v? The first picture is what came in, the second one is what was pictured and what I thought I was getting. If it is 12v, is there a place on the board i could wire this into? I can get the board version a little later.

If you didn’t get what you wanted; send it back, get a refund and start over.

Was it from China?

Lol it sure was! Took like a month and half to get here… it was like 25 dollars and I would have got one in the use but couldn’t find one.

Like Tex says, might be easiest to send it back, if the seller can’t tell you what voltage.

The answer is probably “variable” as most of these have a constant current driver in them to manage the LEDs but ask the seller anyway.

I bought “angel eyes” from eBay which run on anything near 12V because they’re made for headlights.


Go through eBay’s refund process. You have a good case of them not sending what you ordered. It has always worked for me. I’ve never had to send anything back, either.

Those vendors will do that on purpose. They’ll also sell things that they have no intention of shipping, too. You can’t do anything about it until the date they quoted passes. Then you get a refund. I’ve had them do that on $2 products. (On the other hand $2 is a chunk of change for some of them.)

The one I got is 24V and this is quite convenient considering the controller board has 24V output, so if you happen to not send it back, and you have a spare 24v power supply, and you feel adventurous, well try it…

this one was from aliexpress and Im going to get a refund on i, thankfully!

Id love to find something that wires straight to the board if anyone knows of one I can get in the US.


Or potentially buying a small ring light off of Amazon and ripping the LED ring out of the plastic cover.

There are various sized Neopixel rings (way overpowered for what you need – they’re individually addressable) - https://www.amazon.com/ACROBOTIC-24-Pixel-Addressable-24-Bit-WS2812B/dp/B07CNFZC35/ but might give you something to search for.

If you find something < 24v, you can use a buck converter to get it down to the right voltage: https://www.amazon.com/MCIGICM-step-down-Converter-3-0-40V-1-5-35V/dp/B06XZ1DKF2/

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The one I got was this one


(not of direct interest to you since it’s from Amazon France, but you should be able to find many of those LED rings that accept a large range of input voltages, this one was 9 to 28V)


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