Spindle running to the far right of the platform

(Robert Davis) #1

Our local library has a Carbide 3D Nomad. During my first test run, I noticed that the spindle is cutting to the far right - off of the base. (See video).

My setup:

  1. I created a test model in Autodesk Inventor (TestModel1.stl (2.1 MB)
  2. I generated the toolpath ( With these settings (
  3. Here’s my exported Test 1.nc (8.9 KB)
  4. Lastly, I zero’d the machine at the bottom, left corner of the stock 8" x 8" x 1" that I was expecting to cut if the air test run would have been successfull. .

I tried changing settings and retrying with no luck. Can anyone provide some helpful advice?


(William Adams (Carbide 3D)) #2

The preview in CAMotics doesn’t match that:

and the code has a very large move to the right early on:

(FILENAME: Test 1.nc)
(STOCK/BLOCK, 203.200, 203.200, 26.987, -0.000, -0.000, 40.483)
M6 T102
M3 S4687
(Parallel Finish)

Post your MeshCAM file (or send it in to support@carbide3d.com or support@grzsoftware.com)?


(Robert Davis) #3

Thanks for checking. I will have to get the MeshCam file the next time I visit the library. IDK. I set zero to the bottom left of a 8" x 8" x 1" stock, so there should be a far right movement in the beginning. Btw, I added a video of the spindle moving off of the platform to my original post. Here it is again.


(Robert Davis) #4

I went back to the library and recreated the MeshCAM file from the STL file. I reran the g-code and the movement looks correct now. I guess it was user error. I’m still not sure. Anyway thanks for your response.


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