Spindle sets off without use of potentiometer

If you feel like it, there is a dedicated thread (here) where you can drop a few lines about yourself (that anecdote about selling the first digital camera in the UK would be perfect there :slight_smile: )


Than you I’m on it…
If your ever in the UK call in… you will be welcome at any time


Well that went …great
I emailed G-Penny earlier today and I had an email back … asking what the problem is and how they could help… even though they said they did not work Sunday’s… BUT THEY HELPED… and my potentiometer now works…

I am really happy at all the work Julien has done to help andI will shout out loud… Buy from the company:

If it bites me back thats ok their service is second to no one
They also have a lot of product that a lot of the community on here use


But… Keith… some of us (well probably only me) were following with mild interest… how was the problem finally resolved? Misplaced jumper? Bad registry value? Turn-it-on-and-off whilst standing on one leg?

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Sorry everyone & Gerry …G-Penny sent an email to reset the VFD PD013=8
PD072=400 (must do this step by step)

do not know what that meant

Knob working: PD002=1:PD070=1
That was sent
then these were sent
HY series inverter parameter setting instruction 2.pdf (62.0 KB)
I did not look at these yet as it is out of my comfort zone … being a newbie

I will start again tomorrow bank holiday Monday… and keep you informed
My potentiometer worked after doing the first email and the six PD series!
Sorry again


Well, my bet is that one parameter was off and that reset to factory settings was the key (the rest of those parameters are nothing special). Anyway, it’s great to hear that they could help you so quickly and fix the problem. Have fun tomorrow getting the Shapeoko to control the spindle now!

Thanks Tink! Just needed a bit of closure :slight_smile:

You’re the closest forum member to me I think I’ve come across so far (I’m in West Oxfordshire).


Hi Gerry… we will have to search the country west Oxfordshire is on the edge of the Cotswalds I think …
Great to here from you

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