Spindle setting help

How high above your waste board do you mount the spindle in the mount?

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Your question depends. Those with routers, Dewalt, Makita and C3d usually are mounted all the way down in the mount. You can move the router up if you want but you may not be able to reach the supplemental spoil board or the base board. In the Case of the Z-Plus some router bits will not reach the base board no matter how far down the router is placed in the mount.

If you are asking about spindles and not routers there is no one answer. You want to make sure your bits in the collet can reach the supplemental spoil board and/or the base board. So it is quite variable where to set a spindle because the variables of which collet, the actual bit used and the type of Z Axis and the particular spindle used.

To conclude set your spindle so your shortest bit can reach the base board and/or spoil board but you longest bit can work as well. So if you have a lot of short and long bits you may need to move the spindle up or down depending on the bits used. Sorry there is no magic measurement to give you.

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