Spindle slows like running out of gas midway

I have a Shapeoko Pro XXL with the Carbide Mini Router. I have been using it without issues for about six months. All of a sudden, the spindle began to slow to a halt, while the machine keeps moving. I was carving at .4 in at 1800 speed each time. This is the same thing I have been doing for months without a problem. The router motor now sounds as if it is running out of gas mid project. The movement of the router moves my boards and the job is ruined. I brought the cut depth down to .2 and run two passes as a quick fix, but this is doubling my time. I’d like things to go back to the way they were.

Any ideas as to what has been causing this?\ and what the solution may be? Thanks in advance.

I’d check the brushes; as they get shorter the springs apply less pressure on the commutator.


Second on the brushes.

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Thanks everyone. Does anyone know if Home Depot or Lowes sells the proper brush replacements?

I dont think they carry brushes. You can get them on Amazon. I think the C3D router came with spare set of brushes. Check to see if you already have some. The Makita and C3D router use the same brushes.

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…and consider a 3 phase spindle. Ahh, the noise difference.

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A local Makita dealer should have them.

Also I have found that the local ACE Harware carries a good selection of brushes.

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