Spindle speed for cutting brass?


I am trying to cut a simple shape out of brass sheet metal. I’m new to using the Nomad 3 and am confused about the rpm. I am using the #112z endmill, as these are small pieces for jewelry.

Carbide Create recommends using a spindle speed of 24,000, but the Winston Moy videos always use 10,000 for cutting metal.

Which rpm should I use?

Thank you for any suggestions and help!

This is because his videos are on a previous version of the Nomad which didn’t do 24k rpm.
You can stick with what is in the video or increase rpm but you must also increase feed rate at the same time to ensure decent material removal and prevent rubbing.

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Ok that makes sense. Thank you

Recommended surface speed for brass is usually in the 300-400 SFM range.
18000 - 24000 for a 1/16" cutter.
Minimum chip load is recommended at 0.002", which would be ~75ipm for a 2 flute tool.

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