Spindle speed for engraving diamond bit spring loaded

I have questions about engraving, first is about editing the g-code to disable the spindle power up. Why will it not work to set the spindle speed to some value and turn the router off at the switch?

Second is after watching several videos about engraving I am confused about setting zero. I am missing something or making it harder than is actually is. Is there a video out there that shows step by step the process from the point the file is loaded into Carbide Motion until the file is started. I have the touch probe and bit setter so have not manually set the X, Y, Z except for tiling a large project. The engravers I have are the MCetcher sold by Carbide 3D.
I appreciate and help. I would like to avoid crashing a new tool.

It will. I believe the Gcode editing you may be referring to is from Winston’s video, and that’s related to the tool length probing, not the spindle?

As Winston stated in the MC Etcher video, you cannot use the touchprobe directly with MC Etcher’s since its tip is not conductive. But, you can zero using the touchprobe and a dowel pin, and then change the tool to MC Etcher with your BitSetter

Or maybe I missed your point?


Julien thank you for the help, I think maybe the videos I watched were by folks who do not have the bitsetter or did not have it at the time they created the videos. As far as spindle speed was concerned I think I was confused by the setting in the tool setup.
At any rate I ran the file as I normally would with the exception of turning the spindle off.

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