Spindle Speed revs up and down when dial is set to #3

I am new to the game here and was hopeful that someone could offer advice. When cutting, my router speed will wind up and down as it is working. You can actually hear the difference as it is running. This only happens when the router is set to the #3 position. I pause the run and manually change the speed to a different setting and the problem goes away. I don’t like this solution as this means I need to run the spindle at the incorrect speed for materials being cut. Any experienced advice?

Please try changing the carbon brushes — if that doesn’t work, let us know at support@carbide3d.com and we’ll do our best to work through this with you.

Thanks. I probably have only run a total of 10 hrs with the machine so far. Time to learn how to start taking things apart!

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When this happens do you notice your router speed dial shift positions or does it stay fixed in place on #3 setting. Possibly hitting a certain harmonic depending on your cutting parameters (feedrate, router rpm, …) and the material being cut making the speed dial move position due to vibrations/oscillations. I haven’t experienced this myself but easy enough to check.

There does appear to be some “play” in the dial and I have thought that vibration may be a factor. I find that this problem only occurs when I am running longer cut times on a project. The small quick projects don’t seem to be an issue. I have also switched from softwoods to plywoods to hardwood to see if that makes a difference but have not seen any changes. I am going to change out the brushes and while I have the unit open see if there is anything that can be addressed with tightening the dial.

The dial on the Carbide Compact Router is supposed to have detents which ought to prevent it from vibrating off a given setting.

The other dial settings do appear to “lock in” noticeably better than 3. Unfortunately for me the 3rd setting appears to be that which is required the most. Some dissection of the router body will hopefully reveal more.

My Makita does the same, especially on start up
Now running is does not do it too bad just depends on the load being applied
I know it is a soft start kinda like 3 phase motors so it may have something to do with that

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Don’t know if this is right, I would give the speed control a shot of contact cleaner when I had it apart.

Awaiting for someone to tell me I am wrong…

Just a quick update. I finally found some time to disassemble the router. What I found was an incredible amount of fine sawdust throughout the machine’s insides. I have been good at regularly using the compressor nozzle to clean the top of the router but I found that cleaning the router from the bottom side gets alot more of the sawdust out of the assembly. Brushes and speed control knob all looked good. Add this to my regular maintenance program.


My router was reving up and down once, appeared it wasn’t set right at 3 but a bit off causing it to be confused what speed it was on. Went away after adjusting speed indicator in my case.

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