Spindle stalls almost immediately - SOLVED

Hi Bob,

do you use end mills or drills to drill. From my experience a plunge rate of 2 IPM ist still to fast for an end mill.
My fastest setup at the moment uses 1 IPM.
End Mills are made for horizontal movement. If you want to move just vertical, a drill is the better choice.


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I emailed Carbide and they sent me a new driver board. Once I replaced it I was able to plunge into .100 aluminum at 4 ipm with a .125 carbide endmill and then side cut at 8 ipm without issues. Whereas before, the cutter would stall on entry at pretty much any plunge rate.

BTW, if you go that route; I couldn’t find instructions for replacing the board so I just dove in and figured it out. Let me know if you need any help.


Thanks for you reply to my question. I have tried using a .125 inch drill bit but it still stops. I will try 1 IPM but that seams very slow.


Thanks Tom,
I have a call in at Carbide and will ask about a new board or new stepper motor.

Hey guys,
I had the same problem with the spindle stalling. I called Jorge and he sent me a replacement motor driver next day. I threw the attached PDF together to help others with the repair. If you are having the same problem you can also pop off the back cover and take a look if you have the old version of the motor driver (see images in document) which is what was causing the problem for me. I hope that helps!

carbideMDrepair.pdf (334.2 KB)



Nvm. Jorge answered my question.