Spindle/vfd random shutdown

I wanted to post this one for others to find for options to look at for random shutdowns when using a spindle with vfd control. The machine would stop at different times running a program. After several days of trying to find a source for random shutdowns and hitting all levels of paranoia for cable routing due to noise issues. I found it was the spindle cable connection on the spindle itself. After eliminating all I thought possible sources of the problem I thought I should check the shielding connection at the spindle to see if it somehow got undone. It did not. I did notice when undoing the connection the nut was loose. Some darkening from arcing around the connection. Luckily I did not toast anything yet. There was no indication of problem cutting. I was pushing some feed rates in oak and hickory but no adverse indications of a problem other than the shutdowns. Thinking back I did only finger tighten the connecting nut. So just running the machine and cable movement loosened the connection. Everything appeared ok, reconnected used a little pliers torque this time and magic no random shutdown. Surmising from my enough to be dangerous electronics knowledge, the arcing created so much noise it shutdown the control board.


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