Spindle will not spin

Shapeoko 5 4x4 with Carbide 3d VFD spindle.

Had the machine for about a month and has been running well.

I ran a job to pocket .06" out of some mdf. Zero’d all axis and ran.

Spindle went to material and nose dived. I shut it off immediately. I have seen this before where the z axis think it should be 18mm deeper??? For another time.

Powered back on and initialized machine - all went well but the spindle does not turn on. Power is on. Displays Poff when it starts up and then displays voltage around 171.2v. Enable button is on. Spindle freely turns and will spin while holding Jog.

Rebooted machine/pc several times. Reinitialized. Powered off/on Spindle. Checked wiring. Loaded different programs. Sent GCode to GRBL. Nothing.

Loaded latest CMotion and installed “New Machine”…to no avail.

Would like to factor reset controller…I guess. Not sure what else.

Thoughts suggestions?

Command the spindle to 24000RPM and check voltage between the white wire and black wire going to the VFD box. If you are getting 5V then there is a issue with your VFD box and you will need to send it back to C3D for repair. Unfortunately this is a known failure mode for these VFD boxes. Another symptom is the LED light on the VFD box button will be dimmer than it used to be.

If you do not get 5V then you either have a issue with your SO controller or bad cabling.

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