Spindle with purchase?

(Jeffery Nichols) #1

If i order the 1699.00 XXL Shapeoko, is the spindle included with the price? I dont see a option on which spindle to choose from? How does this work? And is there not a dust collection accessory?


(Josh) #2

The XXL with a Makita is 1825 and with Dewalt its 1830.

Dust collection is something some people make, and there are certainly options out there to buy. The Suckit dust boot is a popular option. I’m aware of others, but not sure on names. I’m sure a google can get you loads of options.

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(William Adams) #3

The community has some notes on dust shoes at: https://wiki.shapeoko.com/index.php/Dust_Shoe


(Luc) #4

You can easily find the routers of sale at several locations for cheaper… just saying. I personally recommend the Makita since it has more speed range and IMO better built with easy to access brushes.


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