Spindle with Z Plus XXL

Need some help here.

I want to add a spindle to my Z Plus. I hear weight is an issue so I was thinking 800w.

My main goal is to reduce noise.


Any good comprehensive guides on what to buy and how to install?

There are a few guides on how to install in this forum. Just do a search and you will find a few with lots of good information. I have an 800w water cooled setup running on 120v on my standard SO3 with the Z-Plus myself and love it. I got my set from GPenny Machine on aliexpress.

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No issues? Pretty easy to set up?

How is the noise?

Julien has mapped a couple of insightful spindle/VFD threads…

For noise reduction, water cooled is the way to go. I would have gone 800w but I had a tough time finding an 800w spindle at the time, so I ended up going 80mm 1.5kw - water cooled - 120v (w/HDZ). The cutting noises are what they are, but you don’t hear the spindle itself. If you have cash to burn it’s definitely a nice upgrade: quieter, more precision, PWM controlled, etc…


If you are somewhat familiar with wiring and electronics, it isn’t to bad to set up. It is a lot easier with the guides on this forum. I just followed one and made a few adjustments to make it apply to my setup. Noise is much better in my opinion. It isn’t necessarily quieter when cutting, I just don’t have to listen to the scream of the router in addition to the sound of cutting aluminum. I was able to achieve significantly better surface finishes and part tolerances after the change. I have had no problems.