Spoilboard resurface y axis size change

Built the 32x32 inch Myers spoilboard and put into service without issues. A few months later, decided to relevel and resurface the board. Now, Y axis travel is about 0.5 inches less than before, leaving a ridge along the back of the spoilboard. Has my Y axis offset been changed? ANy suggestions to return to maximum cut size.

How are you measuring the motion? Remember that the machine movement is to the center of the endmill, but the cutting is to the radius of the endmill, so if you used a 1" surfacing bit, but are checking w/ a small endmill, there will be the discrepancy described.

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The rear of a Shapeoko is limited by the physical stops. However the cm config defaults are safe but not maximum travel. You can increase travel in config but do not exceed physical limitations.

Attached is a doc I created about spoil board considerations. I address the jogging limitations of cm and a suggestion for optimization of your spoil board.

spoilboard_considerations.pdf (1.3 MB)

The second doc addresses building a torsion box but also adresses leveling your waste board.

torsion_box.pdf (2.0 MB)

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