Spoilboard surfacing issue

I am trying to surface my spoilboard and im getting ridges, the software says its going to take 3 hours to surface is this just the rough pass or do I have a problem here ? I’m using the McFly 602E cutter.

Also when moving on Y axis I noticed the sound of the cutting changed like its encountering more resistance.

And now its going back over the whole surface again but the ridging is still happening

If you run your fingernail over, are there definitive ridges? Or is it just the MDF matting?

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I feel lines in it when i run my finger over it

And now I just messed up my bit setter. Went to reset the job forgot to turn off the router… ive barely run this machine and already managed to damage the bit setter, it wont function properly now will it ?

You will have to wait for C3D to reply about your Bitsetter.

As for the surfacing, if there are ridges it means your spindle is not square to the bed. This is not your exact machine but will help: Shapeoko 3 Squaring, Tramming, and Calibration Essentials - #159 - YouTube

Just remember your machine is just a machine, it only does what you tell it to do. So you have to watch it and if it is doing something that can harm itself, stop the machine.

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Please temporarily disable the BitSetter while you contact support@carbide3d.com and we arrange how to handle this.

I messaged support. I am going to hold off using the machine until I hear back from them.