Spoon! with CC Pro

Spoon! It took more sanding than I planned, and probably isn’t usable because it’s so thin at the neck, but it’s the first spoon I’ve designed with Carbide Create Pro and made on my Shapeoko. Stand by for a video! I’m going to redesign it and make another.


Very nice now you can make a complete set.

It is cool looking. When you go to the stores that specialize in spoons for cooking a lot of them are made of beech. Walnut has a large grain and may not be the best wood for food. The food could get stuck in the grain and possibly make you sick later. I would definitely look at fine grain woods for any you intend to use. Also there are many food safe finishes like beeswax, mineral oil and some commercial brands. Do not use any plant based oils like vegetable, olive, walnut or similar. Over time the plant based oils can turn rancid. The mineral oil is available at any drug store. You need to reapply every so often to renew the protection. Also do not put your spoons in the dishwasher. The hot water and the drying cycle would most likely ruin your work.

Now go and eat your soup or maybe better ice cream.

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