Squaring workpiece to the XL

So, I have Shapeoko XL that I purchased some months ago. I call myself wanting to make American flags and custom retirement plaques for my Army battle buddies but I start running into snags. Most of them I figured out but these two: squaring my workpiece to the XL itself and why my stars being vcarved seem to start getting shallow as the machine moves forward and right. When I go to run my gcode, the stripes of my flag would be lower on the right and higher on the left as my piece is not straight or aligned to the machine. Any tips or tricks would be great.

Have you trammed your spoil board?

Sounds like you need to level your wasteboard to eliminate the issue with the stars getting smaller. They are getting smaller because the board surface you are cutting is getting further from the cutter head.

For squaring the stock to the machine, I just use either a speed square or larger square depending on how far from the front edge my stock piece is. I have the XXL, so I can go back pretty far.

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I recently wrote a procedure to build a torsion box and in that was a section on leveling your spoil board. Check it out.

torsion_box.pdf (2.0 MB)

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