Squid - Vcarve in aluminum



I’ll probably do way more work in wood than aluminum but nice to know I can.


What is this emblem for. It does not look like Squidward from SpongeBob Square Pants.

Hey @ballardmillworks

Would you mind sharing info about your V-bit and feeds & speeds for that cut? I have been trying to collect data about what folks are using for Vcarving in various situations, and Vcarving metal is not common so that will be interesting.

If you could also comment on how your determined them (was it a predefined setting in your CAM tool, or experimentation, and if so which other paramters maybe did not work, that is just as interesting)

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Very cool squid! I also am very interested! Looks like a small ball mill? I want to V carve text into Aluminum.

The illustration was made by a person as a mascot for a software team - the SC in the bubbles in top of the head is a reference to their team.

The v-carve was done with a 90 degree v-bit that I got from the carbide site, I used the default feeds/speeds assuming the software knew more than me for metal. I really only have wood experience. (I also have a larger ShopBot Buddy 48)

My weekday job is software UX design - and my weekend job is making things from local trees :slight_smile:
If you have instagram - I am @ballardmillworks_scott on there


Scott your instagram went on forever with so much cool stuff! Wow!

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The v-carve was with the 301 V bit btw (forgot to say what bit so the settings would have been default for that)