Squish 3D model for CNC - is there a way?

I have a 3D model from 123D Catch of a cherry tree branch. I’d like to do one of those 3 panel designs where the limb goes across each panel. The problem is the model isn’t 2.5D, so I’d like to just sort of flatten it from the angle I like best (not a silhouette though, just sort of press it) and then cut it out.

I’m using free tools for the most part. Technically I could do it in Fusion 360 but I’m not any good at that mesh to spline conversion and I feel like it would take forever. Is there a simpler tool? Something where I could just grab the object, manipulate and bend it more like working with vectors.

Thanks! -M

Can you upload the file or share it some how?
MeshMixer is free and will probably be able to “squish” it in one direction.

I use Rhino for 3D CAD, also can squish things.

Too big to upload but here’s the link: http://www.123dapp.com/123C-3D-Model/Cherry-Tree-Branch/596668

I haven’t really used mesh mixer for anything but trimming excess from 123D Catch captures. Looking at the brushes it looks like it will probably be able to do it. But I’d love a tip on which tool(s) to start with.