Stainless steel blanks

My wife recently ordered tags for our dogs and we just got them. The blanks are polished stainless steel, 35mm diameter and 1.7 mm thick. I’ve been looking for some to do diamond drag engraving but I can’t find that size / thickness combo. All I’ve been able to find is 35mm x 1mm. Does anyone have a source for these?

1-1/2"X1/16" (38mmX1.6mm) disks are on amazon. You would need to punch the hole for the ring. A bunch of listings, and I can speak for none, as when I have needed things like this, it has been either singles so cut from sheet however practical, or sufficient numbers to make it worthwhile having them blanked on a punch.

For one (first hit):"&qid=1593813775&sr=8-6

(EDIT: I do note that they list this as A36 steel as the material in the description, but call it 304 stainless in the title. Is it stainless? I don’t know. But there are plenty of other options)

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