Staircase cabinet: looking for ideas

Hi folks,

I’m in a creative dead-end right now, so figured I would ask the community for help.
I’m making under-the-stairs storage cabinets, based on a frame like this,

which started like this

and is now in this state (one section to go),

but now I need to work on the front frames, and I thought I would CNC something (obviously…) onto it but after hours browsing Pinterest and Etsy I’m going nowhere. I want something that would not be too extravagant (WAF is at play here), I was thinking of a single large vector design split across the 4 sections/drawers of the cabinet. Mainly white (to match the staircase), possibly with another color for contrast.

Ideas ?

Something that would fit nicely in that trapezoidal surface ?

What else is the space used for?

What is the aesthetic of the balance of the space?


Do some sort of 3d texture over that space?
Something like this:

Then paint it all white, so that it looks at quick glance to not really be much, but has some neat detail?


@WillAdams : it’s a small hallway, no other function in that space, it’s a transition area between different parts of the house. This will be a shoe cabinet for the Mrs.

@Radiation: yes that was definitely on my radar and I had pre-selected a few textures like those, but I thought it would be “too much”. Now, the “painting it all white” may well be the ticket, along with making the 3D pattern subtle enough. Thanks! One complication is that I still need to fit handles, and if I go with a 3D texture I’ll need to plan for attaching them (or somehow carve the handles in the design directly)

A 3 dimensional texture w/ subtle/integrated handles seems like the best fit (shades of the bed for the young Paul Atreides in Dune which had one manipulating parts of a decorative wave carving for various room controls),

So a series of vertical textures (that should minimize their catching dust) w/ the larger, more prominent features working in/hiding recesses for handles.

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