Stamping/Branding Die

Someone requested I post some of the other things I have made, so here is a shiny new stamping die :slight_smile:

Material: Brass
Size: 3" x 3" x .375
Feed: 300mm/min
RPM: 10,000
Depth of cut: .25mm
Number of runs: one rough, one finish, one hole pattern.
Tools: .125 2-flute endmill, .062 2-flute endmill
Total machine time: 2.75 hours.

After the job was done, I file the outside edges (they come out sharp) and use a buffing wheel in my dremel to clean up the “working” surface.


file, not a deburring tool?

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Nope, just a good old fashioned milling file :slight_smile: The geometry itself remains sharp, I just knock off the edges of the 3x3 stock.

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Winston has a really great video on YouTube on a brand that he made fwiw…