Standoffs for raising letters.. suggestions?

I’m not sure if standoffs is the right word. But I’m looking to attach some 1/2" PVC lettering to a 3/8" thick board. The board is mdf with a veneer. This will be indoors and untouched. I’ve seen some projects where the lettering is raised with thin cylinders or rods. After a search on Google I have seen some where they are drilled in place, but I’m curious if there are any other options or suggestions. I’m a big fan of CA glue… But I’m open to whatever. Will be about 30 letters in total, about 3" in height. Thank you

when I had wood letters on a wooden backing, I just cut little rods out of the same wood, and made small indents for these rods to go into on both sides. (I made everything 0.5" for convenience, which worked for my design).

you could try to just get some PVC pipe of a right size from an orange box store… and you can use the cnc to make a round groove in the MDF to help with a good secure fit.

a wild design idea involves which allows you to add lights to the situation which … depends on what material you use but wanted to mention these just in case it triggers a “but now I can do XYZ” for you.


Or you could go the easy route and look under “spacers & standoffs” at Lots to choose from at the right length and price.


Just in case you want more lighted standoffs in color for less money look at:


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