Star cut help for logo

I’m back with more newbie questions. I am trying to vcarve the middle section of the inner most and second star on the cowboys logo. I have cut it with a 1/2" 60 deg vbit and a 1/4" 60 degree vbit. The attched picture is the 1/4" but they are both doing the same thing. At the tip are of each point you can see where the bit kind of comes in then goes up the middle to the outermost point leaving that little piece on the outside edge, instead of a straight clean outside line to the outermost point. Does it on the inside of the star points too. Suggestions? I’m sure it’s in the design but I don’t know how to fix it. Thanks

The V path for the star is wider than the endmill can cut. Either use a larger V endmill, inset the paths a bit to make them narrow, or use an Advanced V carving toolpath to cut it out.

I’d suggest also adding geometry around the perimeter to cut as a pocket down to tab depth.

I can’t use advanced Vcarve if I don’t have a bit setter, isn’t that correct? If so, can you explain to me why the bit setter is required to use that feature?
And I do have the geometry to cut around everything but I’m only going .1 deep.

You have to have the BitSetter for Advanced V carving when using the pocket clearing feature — it implements a tool change in a way which isn’t conducive to manually changing and manually setting the tool length offset/Z-axis zero.

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