Star Wars projects

I decided to make some Star Wars stuff on the CNC (all designed in Carbide Create). Nothing too fancy or crazy, but enough to contribute to some fun while watching with my kids: Prepping for Andor - YouTube

Got any fun Star Wars CNC projects of your own? Please share them!


I made this for one of my nephews.
MDF and white acrylic. 16"x16"


Hey, that looks great!

I like your chip and dip bowl. I made some Star Wars coasters last year for Christmas presents. I gave 4 maple ones to my grandson and 8 mahagoney ones to my son in law. I advanced vcaved them and used epoxy to fill them.

Both of them are fan boys for Star Wars. Me Uhhhhh so so.

For your death star I have a suggestion. I made some Aztec Calendars with Star Wars, DC and Marvel Universe themes. I primed them then painted them black and used Rub and Buff paint to paint the raised parts. They make the Rub and Buff in a few colors. I have Silver, Gold Leaf, Antique Gold, Black and Red. That Rub and Buff would make your Death Star really pop and hid the grain.

These were made 19" around and was carved before the Advanced Vcarve was available so they are just vcarved.


I do inlays for any autographs I get.

The latest one:

Signed by Ewan (aka Obi-Wan)


I love these, Guy! The epoxy looks so good, and I appreciate the idea of the Rub and Buff paint. I agree that it would add a lot to the project, so I’ll give it a try soon!

That is a great idea for autographs, Matt. I’ve got a friend who is a collector, so I may need to make some inlays for him so that he can do the same. Love the idea!

I got the Rub &Buff from Amazon. I use a 3 inch plastic lid from a peanut can. You squirt a dab out and drop a drop or two of mineral spirits and use a thin rag wrapped around your index finger tightly. Dip the rag in paint and lightly rub on surface. Do not rub hard or paint will go down in groves. If it looks thin let it dry and apply again, repeat if necessary. Light coats work best and little paint on rag at a time to just paint the flat surface.

Wear nirtle gloves to keep paint off your hands.

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Some backpack tags I made for my daughter.


Those look great! Laser cutter?

Nope, all done on the Shapeoko.