Stars not the same size

Hello, extremely new to this. Bought a XXL from someone. I’m trying to make stars for a flag, but the left side of the stars are smaller then the right side. My project is flat and secure. Any idea on how I can make them all perfect stars? I tightened some of the v wheels since a lot were loose and it helped a lot, but still having issues

Have you checked whether the top surface of your workpiece is level with the machine? It could be that you’re cutting deeper in places because it’s not quite level.

usually first check is “turn on the machine, but the router off. by hand, try to wiggle the collet to see if there is play”. If there’s play at all, that is what needs to be resolved…

How does that compare to the 3D preview?

Looks like you’re doing V carving with a too small endmill and too wide features.

Check your stepper set screws and your belt tensions. As Liam said check your spoil board or project level.

Stars have given me trouble since I started making flags almost 9 months ago. I had a problem just today with stars. The geometry of the cut using a v-bit seems to magnify slight issues/defects/inconsistencies in the material. I found that I needed to have a good flat waste board AND the board had to be clamped firmly. Many of the boards purchased at the big box stores look nice and flat, but may in fact be warped or cupped. These small differences in the waste board or the material you are cutting can make a big difference in the appearance of the stars.

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Thank you for the reply. So I tightened a few of the v wheels that’s were loose. I bought this machine used BTW. It made it better! But still stars are off. I leveled my spoilboard 3 times already. But what I’m thinking is, the board underneath that carbide provides you with. I think it’s sunk in the middle or something. Here is the most recent try on the stars

Better… but not what I’m looking for. I also put the z zero deeper then usual to see if that’s what it was, guess not.

Are you surfacing your stock before you carve the stars? In my experience, it doesn’t take much of a difference in thickness or a bow to mess up stars.

After looking at it closer, there is another issue at play here. Your letters are not smooth like they should be. I still think there’s a mechanical issue going on with your machine.


Had this piece of wood laying around. Tried a little sign to see how the letters came out. Came out just fine in my opinion, but I can’t tell what’s wrong with the stars.

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The stars look like Z zero is set too low, and it might be that you are trying to cut too large a star with too small an endmill — how does the 3D preview compare?

Have you tried creating a test file with an array of stars from very small to rather large and cutting them?

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