Start Depth zeros out

Hi all -
In Carbide Create, I’m trying to cut two circles, one within the other. The outer most circle will be a pocket cut to a depth of .25". The inner circle I want to cut another .125" STARTING at .25". No matter what I do, “Start Depth” keeps going back to zero for this particular toolpath. I have the order correct, what am I doing wrong?25%20AM

I think max depth is total and therefore start depth can’t be greater than max. So maybe you want 0.375 for max depth?

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Interesting - however, I can see them do exactly what I want here:

I can confirm this is true. Sigh.

Just like the photo! (Come on guys!)

S = 0.25 (Starting Depth of the NEXT cut)
D = Total Depth = 0.375

Please see the attached.

I believe it’s what you want.

cc_circles.c2d (3.8 KB)

I have also Watched this tutorial, and my CC does not accept any entry into the start depth. What ever I enter it reverts back to 0.00.

I’ll look at the file @WillAdams shared when I get into the shop today.