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Forgive me if this is not where to place this. I am new to the community.
Does CM have this capability?
Lets say you are in the middle of a run and have to stop due to some unforeseen issue / interruption. Can you restart at a specific G-Code line in the program?
This would be very beneficial…in my humble opinion.


CM does not support it, there are instructions though on the Shapeoko wiki to do so,

It’s not as convenient as having the feature in CM, but if CM had this feature, we would likely see a number of reports about people mistakenly using it and burying their endmill in a fresh piece of stock. It may or may not be the reason why it’s not automated/integrated.


Funny, what I read is find where the last line run and edit from there up deleting the code you don’t need. DUH!
No thanks, I’ve got better things to do with my time than risk messing up the job all together. I’d rather let the program run from the start to get it right.
I usually return to zero before shutting down the machine if needed to do just that.

This would be a cool addition to be able to mark the gcode somehow inside CM where you want the machine to start.

Thanks for trying to help.


I’m not sure if this will head into the realms of paying for Carbide Motion, but I think this feature would be a significant improvement for the software - from my own experiences!

Imagine being able to restart from any point after experiencing an EMI, shutting down a long project over night, resuming from a power cut (if the PC being used can be battery powered), etc!

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