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Carbide create seems to pick starting points for cuts at random. how can I change the toolpath starting point where my bit enters the material? is this a pro feature?

also, other than setting individual tool paths for shapes, is there a way to order my cuts? is this a pro feature?

No, there is no control over this, other than breaking down Toolpaths to discrete geometry selections — this is a complex problem in computer science known as “The Traveling Salesman” — it simply isn’t possible to have an algorithm which will come up with the optimal solution for all cases which will run in a reasonable timeframe.

If you come across any especially egregious files, send it in to and we’ll do our best to look into it.

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For a split second I was transported back in time sitting in a lecture hall…


I’m used to running a larger cnc machine at my day job. It uses SAI enroute. You simply drag and drop the start points for your tools. There’s ramping features and a whole bag of goodies. Might actually pay the $60/month for the subscription for the Cadillac rather than putter around in this beat up old Honda Civic.

In the toolpath list simply drag them to the order you want. Always start with the least invasive cuts and cut outs last.

This doesn’t help. I want to apply a tool path to all the shapes, not individually

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Please send any files which have egregiously bad pathing in to and we’ll do our best to look into them.

Right now, you’ll have to look elsewhere. What’s your “Cadillac” by the way?

Optimal TSP is indeed difficult but like most things in computer science, there are also “good enough” TSP solutions that work quite well for real-world problems.

FWIW this is a standard feature of Fusion 360.

But this is not. There are CAM packages that allow you to customise generated toolpaths but they’re the very high end crazy expensive ones like Powermill and the like.

I’m not sure if this actually helps or not…but Lightburn has a feature that allows you to select the starting point for all objects. I don’t know if the starting point for an object determines where the cutting starts for it - but if it does, then this tool would likely help (if not, ignore):
Here’s how Lightburn does it:
Create a shape:

Click on the (Change Starting Point) tool
The control points for the object are shown and the starting point is highlighted with a little arrow:
You just click on another point, and that point will become the new starting point:

Now…if the Toolpaths care about where the object vectors start - this solution takes care of things for you…yes? Again, if not, then please ignore.

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