Started using epoxy's

Still need to do a final sanding and apply a finish
The line next to the 17 should of been blue
live and learn

If you run this again I would eliminate the line altogether. I dont think it adds anything to the design whether red or blue.

Nice work and good subject matter.

Looks like you did a clear coat before the engraving. Was that epoxy as well?

I have been doing the carving and laying in the colors one by one and then flattening and adding the next. In some cases I have some layered.

I have been having some issues with my leveling though and trying to determine the problem. I have 4 or 5 being cut out of a single board and initially create a recessed circle similar to yours at .08”. Then V carve and add epoxy. One would think that I would need to flatten back to .08” but I have been having to go deeper (slightly) and more troubling, to different depths on different circles of the same board. I end up doing multiple files with a different depth per circle after the flattening the initial epoxy layer to .08”. I end up sneaking up on it by dropping .002” at a time or something.

I am sure there is something I am doing wrong but I planed the boards, used Xfasten tape and tiger clamps but nothing on the top. I did not use the CNC to flatten the board first since I had planed but maybe I will try that next time.

I have teamed my machine but will also do a Z axis check that so saw @WillAdams recommend to someone yesterday.

Hey CullenS,
I actually poured a white base after I cut the circles out. The leveling and depth issues, after i poured the white color I left it on the table and let it set, as you can see I had some run over. then when I set up to cut the pattern out (i did.04) i was able to use the bottom left of the board to set my Z to them same spot I set it when I cut the circle.
I hope that makes sense. I’m not the best at explaining things LOL

Thanks, I may make a few more and will definitely remove it. It looked a little weird in carbide create. after I poured i started to realize what it was supposed to be

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