Starting my cnc journey on the right foot

well hello this is my first of what i am sure will be many posts. I will be getting a shapeoko 5 pro 4’ x 2’ machine. I was thinking of running the machine off of a tablet PC. I found this windows 11 tablet on amazon and I saw a video on YouTube recommending it and i am wondering if anyone has any experience with running the machine on something similar to it? also I am looking for some advice on the table that the machine is going to be mounted on. I was thinking about using a kreg table with a torsion box partially filled with sand or stone to add weight for stiffness and stability.

can anyone point out if there is anything wrong with this post of mine? i am new to this so some pointers for me maybe needed.

You came through loud and clear. Can’t help with the Tablet. Just answering to let you know you are here.

Enjoy the venture

Make chips not dust

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The post was fine.

We’ve had a lot of folks use the Fusion 5 tablet — but we are currently beta-testing a new version and need to test how well the new v6:

works on the lower-spec tablets.

We use the Kreg tables in the corporate offices and they work well — a torsion box is a long-standing tradition for the machines — adding sand or stone is an interesting idea. Certainly can’t hurt, and may help quiet things down/dampen vibrations.

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I thought that adding some sand at least would go a long way to dampen the vibration of the table and the machine. they use that on roller coasters to dampen the noise the the track would make as the train passes over it.

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I use that tablet per recommendation of the same video. I am happy with the performance, and you can’t beat the price.

I use my desktop (in the house) for design and the tablet solely for Carbide Motion. PCs attached to WiFi with shared project folder works great for me. Tho I do have to go back in the house to tweak files at times, because there is no way I’d try to run CCreate on that small of a screen.



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that is the same setup that i will use. really looking forward to it

Just wanted to add that I also had invested in a dedicated Fusion 5 tablet when I bought my router; and it works great! I’ve had zero problems - it’s lightweight, responsive, easy to use, and works flawlessly with Carbide Create / Motion. Not sure if it’s worth it, but I did spend slightly more for the upgraded ram and storage. Here’s the version that I had bought:

Just a-heads-up as well: This tablet only comes with one USB port. You’ll want an adapter hub ( if you plan on having more USB connections aside from the one that connects to your cnc’s controller unit.

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