Starting point on round stock

So one of my fist projects on my Shapeoko is a Lazy Susan for a relative. I was planning on glueing up the panels and then cutting it out into a perfect circle on the cnc. My question is after that I needed to route a pocket on the underside to fit the mounting hardware so it not visible when being used but I can’t in my brain figure out how I would set the starting point for the cnc on a round piece of stock. I know usually you just go the corners for a square piece but what would you use for a circle to set the home? I’m sure this is easier than I’m making it out to be, but super newbie here looking for help. Thanks!

Why not cut the whole thing from the bottom?

if it’s really round , it’s usually easy to find the center of the circle… ( )

… and you can (in CC or other tools) set the zero position to the center of the design


As Neil said while your project is still square start on the bottom. With CAD you want to start cutting closest to the center or delicate cuts before you remove the majority of the wood in a project. Always cut the outside through cut last. Use tabs to hold the circle in place. Never start by cutting through the outside and then go back. The project has a lot of force applied to it during machining.

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