Static Electricity

I live in a low humidity climate. Using my shop vac and the suck it dust boot causes a static charge to build up and disconnect my computer/machine connection. Any suggestions on how to properly ground my XXL?

I don’t know about “properly”, but you can try:

  • running a wire around your router body/mount and connect it to a known good grounding point
  • doing the same for your vacuum hose (or better yet get an antistatic hose, with an integrated copper wire)
  • earthing the frame itself

Folks have also mentioned running a humidifier (or just keeping a plate filled with water nearby) or spraying a mist of water on the piece before cutting.

And then there are USB isolators, trying various wall sockets, and other black magic remedies.

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I used this hose. I exposed one end of the wire and have another wire that connects to my house ground. When I’m getting ready to run the machine, I connect the two and go. Any static in my dust hose is routed straight to ground and never gets a chance to build up and cause an issue. Since I started using this method I haven’t had any disconnects

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