Statue of Liberty

took about one hour and I think I can optimize it more


Absolutely gorgeous. Like you work

Love it, slightly off topic I thought that the stars on the flag represent the states in USA is that correct ?

It does but this is an artistic design and does not mimic a real flag. that said, people are really picky about their flags :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

How did you get the dark color in the design? It looks like stain and not paint.

It was done with a laser; no stain or paint. The power level setting resulted in this color. At higher power I can get almost back; check out my Beer Taps 2 thread for an example of that.

I’m altering the design more so the flags and start are lighter and while the statue stays darker. I can also improve the production time that way too.

Can you cut or get any depth with that laser diode?
What power version do you have?

Lol sorry was not being like “Yeah nice sign shame about its American authenticity” was just curious about my knowledge of lack of it :grin:

I have the 4.2W version. I looked at the 7W but I thought it’s rated for less hours than my version.

You an feel that some of the wood has been burned away and the depth changes slightly. I could get more if I went slower. The statue was burned at 4.2W @ 1000mm/min with a 0.0075 focused spot using a VcarvePro QuickEngrave Toolpath

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