Status "Preposition before rapid plunge" in CM

This status appears while my job is running, what does it mean?

So far, everything is cutting as expected.


It’s a comment from Carbide Create — it means that the machine is moving to a safe location before initiating a plunge at rapid rates down to the safety/retract height.

Okay, great, thank you.

I just wanted to be sure it wasn’t a, “brace for impact” sort of message. :smile:

This message stays up the entire time during my carvings. Is it supposed to go away?

Carbide Motion displays the last comment until a new one is encountered to replace it.

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CM displays this during the first tool path at least. Sometimes after a tool change it will revert to displaying the tool path names, but I’ve also seen it for an entire job. This only started after the recent update to CM, for v7 CC.

I usually know what path is being cut, because I keep a pretty close watch on most jobs, but would prefer to see the tool path name I entered rather than an all caps message that refers to a “rapid plunge” I’m not expecting. Jobs are running fine, just the message is distracting if not concerning - more so because of the mysterious deeper than expected cuts mentioned in other threads.

I concur, The status text is no longer useful now.

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