Steal Your Face

My parents have recently become big Grateful Dead fans in their elder years, which is both awesome and adorable. So I thought I would make them a gift.

Bolivian Rosewood, Redheart, Curly Maple, and Cocobolo. 10.5" x 10.5".

This was a bit of a nerve wracking piece, because I first had to inlay the red heart into the Rosewood, then glued the maple over the entire thing, trusting/hoping that I was keeping the right positioning so that when I finally carved the maple layer, the red heart would be exactly where it was supposed to be underneath it all, without clipping through the edges of the skull. And there is always a bit of anxiety when you are working on a piece of stock that you spent days preparing. I’m so happy it worked out!


I like it!
Bet a few Dead Heads would also like it.

WOW… so what software did you use to get this design from your head into G-Code?

Good old Aspire, though I think this would have been pretty straightforward in CC as well.

The machining itself was pretty straightforward, just a few pocketing and vcarve jobs. It was all the preparation — milling the wood to the right height, doing the redheart inlay, surfacing, gluing the maple on, milling again to the correct height, doing the cocobolo inlay, surfacing again — all of that was the hard/time consuming part. Once it was time to actually carve the skull, it went by really quickly!

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Thank you! And yeah, I’m hoping some of their deadhead friends might be interested in a piece too :slight_smile: