Stealth NOMAD Giveaway

The first ever “Stealth Nomad 3” is available to win. This special edition machine does everything our industry leading NOMAD3 does, except it looks way cooler while doing it.
Here’s how you could become the owner of this Murdered Out Masterpiece.

  • Follow us on Instagram
  • Drop an email to
  • Tell us what you would make with the Stealth Nomad 3
  • Include pictures, drawings, anything to make your case for becoming a Nomad 3 Owner.
  • Entry is open until August 9th at Noon Pacific Time.
  • At HQ we will read all entries and announce a winner on Aug. 11th. So tell us a story. Show us your creativity and you could own this one of a kind machine.
  • International Entries are allowed. If you are selected and live outside of our normal shipping areas, you will be responsible for shipping costs.

Checks date: august 11th!
Checks Instagram: no new posts. No winner announcement.
Checks time: 8:30am eastern.

… right that’s 5:30am in California :man_facepalming:


Tyler, I absolutely love your enthusiasm.
Stelath NOMAD Video Update:
Carbide 3D on Instagram: "The number of entries exceeded expectations. Everyone will get due consideration. Nomad Christmas - Aug 25th Thanks to everyone who entered, you’ve told some amazing stories."

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Got bit by timezones last time, you’re not fooling me again California. This time I know everyone is sleeping :sleeping:

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I’m a little confused. Has the winner been announced? Is it August 11th yet? Please somebody just provide a simple yes-no, when answer, please.


14 more chars needed.

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Today is not August 11th. Today is NOMAD Christmas - Aug. 25th.


Congrats to the winner, looks like they’ve got some serious potential. Can’t wait to see what they do with it!

As for everyone else, those were some really inspiring entries. I’ve got to flex my artistic muscle more to keep up :slight_smile:

( PS: I am nothing if not verbose :laughing: )

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Congratulations to the winner, and thanks carbide3d I had a lot of fun putting that entry together. I said I wanted to start up the NFC Cufflink portion of my side hustle again in the entry and I’m doing that regardless. Although I might need to look at the spindle upgrade for the pro for some QoL enhancements in the near future.