Steel-core belts now standard?

I was shopping around for spare belts for my XL, and noticed that the product page for the Shapeoko now states that “Shapeokos now ship with steel-core belts”. Given that the spare-parts kit still includes GT2 belts, I’m wondering if anyone knows which steel-core belts are being used.

I’ve read mixed reviews about the chinese PU steel-core belts not holding up well to all of the flexing required to run through the Shapeoko’s tracks, so it would be nice to know which ones managed to get the seal of approval from Carbide3d.


I don’t know the specifics of the belts being sourced, but the set I put on my SO3 were much easier to tension than the fiberglass ones.

EDIT: AS OF THIS WRITING: The Maintenance Kits have steel core belts now, so that’s a source if you wish.

EDIT: but since we have switched back to fiberglass.

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I hope your source is stable. I’m having trouble getting things from China now. Today, a supplier told me the “national roads” were closed.

It’s due to the Coronavirus outbreak. It’s hopefully not a systemic issue.

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