Steel plate - sink or swim

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Abracadabra B!


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Testing out a photo light box at work, love the way steel looks. Might cut a test part in aluminum and try to get the part alignment a little better.


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Alban threw down some beautiful welds on the parts and thin chromoly, I’m in process of designing and machining the engine mount threaded 3d brackets. Hot rolled is gross but I’ll do a hot vinegar dip in the ultrasonic then finish the surface before machining. Probably a fixture and run of 3 or 4. Don’t be scared by the highly technical drawerings

This first batch will be two bars but with the cnc its easy to create stock on demand. Helps not having a ton of money and man hours in inventory


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Four part flip fixture for double sided machining on some cleaned hot rolled steel. These will be those sharpie brackets, hand tapped after. Decided to skip the fillets for times sake and they were only 0.0625 rad

Getting the hang of this! Didn’t even cut into the fixture plate lol. The new Z brace is working amazing! Definitely a measurable improvement… just haven’t had time to measure.


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You are really taking things to the next level with this machine, thankyou for sharing so much :smiley:
When I get home from work I’m going to tram my XXL to within an inch of its life and get into some Aluminium!

edit - I see your Z-brace in your other thread, looks great!

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Guess you can float with enough hard work. Off to powedercoat, saved almost 5lbs off of stock part with 100% functionality

Sold two but I made two sets of billet parts to begin with because #safetynet

My business model is 100% reinvestment so…I was able to purchase Fusion 360 at a $310 locked rate with Generative design. If I don’t sleep for a few days I’ll be able to purchase a Prusa MK3 3d printer and start mixed media subtractive and additive manufacturing


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With the 3D printer have you considered using it to make parts to make molds for casting?

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Since the crash erased it.

17 pounds of 1018 steel stood no chance against the mitey Fireplug. Cut into two pieces with bandsaw, used holesaw with wd40 mist to predrill. Double side machined the inside and outside. Drilled and tapped o2 by hand (one day I’ll get a threadmill)