Step/direction pads on SP4 board?

Does anyone know if the new SP4 boards have available pads on the board for the step/direction of the y axis on board drivers? I wrote a fusion 360 post processor to do axis substitution in order to do 3 axis rotary machining but the my rotary setup has a large nema27 motor and I don’t want to fry the y axis drivers on the board, wanted to see if I can connect an external driver without having to solder connectors directly on the driver chip pins.

I can’t speak to the Shapeoko Pro 4 boards but no board Carbide 3D has made in the past has had exposed step/dir outputs. If you want to use your own stepper/servo drivers, I wouldn’t try soldering to the existing pins. You’re better off replacing the controller entirely.

That said, driving a NEMA27 motor with the Carbide Motion board shouldn’t fry it, it should drive the motor just fine, but with less torque and current than the motor is rated for.

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