Stepover lines during face milling

Edit: Forgot to say that I’m using a Nomad 3

I’ve suddenly started having issues with very noticeable lines on my projects, and I’ve had a few other minor issues that I thought were just random, but now I’m wondering if there’s something off with my machine.

Pics of my project from today:

You can see that the issue isn’t uniform, which makes me wonder if something is loose. I have no idea where to begin trying to troubleshoot, though. I at least know it’s not my CAM, because I’m using the same facing toolpath with the same parameters that I’ve used dozens of times without issue.


Looks like your issue is in the z axis. Not sure which machine your running but with it powered on is there any wiggle when you grab the router and try and move it? Obviously with router turned off.

If it seems tight i would look at tramming. Its been discussed alot and easily searchable on the forumn.

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If this were a Shapeoko I would say you need to tram your spindle. I am not a Nomad expert but looks like if there is a method to tram the Nomad you should look at that.

If it is a tram issue and those blocks are in the same orientation as when cut then your spindle needs to be shifted front to back. Run you finger across and if the high spot is closer to t he front edge then you need to top the spindle shimmed toward the front. If the line is toward the back then the bottom of the spindle needs to be shimmed toward the front.

I dont know if t he spindle can be moved or the table is moved on a Nomad. But the same principle applies whether you move the spindle or the table.

Here is an illustration:

I’ve actually just tried to finish up this project, figuring I’d put up with some minor inconsistencies given that it’s a rough prototype anyway, and had such major issues that my pieces are now destroyed and multiple days of work down the drain. So I’m going to just reach out to support.

As the fox said, some days chickens, some days feathers.

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