Stepper motor analyzer

Saw this yesterday:

This looks like a cool toy for the cnc tinkerers who are constantly upgrading their machines.

If my shapeoko werent currently disassembled i’d probably take a crack at building one.

It would be cool to create a feedback loop with the sender app able to detect overload/missed steps etc…


I saw this the other day too and it looks really cool for screwing around and seeing how different variables affect things but I’m not sure how useful it is from a more permanent perspective.

Most of the less-terrible stepper drivers already support that out of the box. Trinamic stepper drivers, which are particularly popular in 3D printers, use back-EMF for both stall detection (StallGuard) and to optimize motor current (CoolStep).

Those signals can be fed back to the controller and trigger say an E-stop or be used for sensorless homing.

I have TMC5160s on my Nomad, though I haven’t been bothered to tune the StallGuard/CoolStep parameters just yet, I hate the noise it makes when I crash into stuff…

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Now that’s an interesting Rabbit Hole.

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Their documentation is super interesting. Aside from obvious candidates like the datasheet for a higher-end stepper driver, their application notes also go into a surprisingly accessible amount of depth on various topics.

And Trinamic aren’t even my favourite drivers. I’ve been interested in IONI for a while now but they’re so expensive…


I did once go down the trinamic rabbit hole and read all about stall guard etc… i even have a few different drivers ive played with.

I guess what i was thinking was adding something like this to an existing shapeoko setup instead of going the whole replacement controller route to get some feedback.

Sometimes stock+ is more comfortable than full diy. You can play around a bit without being a complete snowflake.