Stepper Motor Extension Cable Ends

What type of ends are on the stepper motor extension cables?

Two of my cables have managed to shuffle off into an alternate dimension and instead of waiting for them to come back, I think it may be faster to build some new ones.

They look molex-y but I can’t find this particular set.

I just cut mine and spliced in the correct length of wire. There are two advantages… 1. you will end up with the correct length of cable. The C3D extensions are way too long. 2. You won’t have sharp edged connectors rubbing on your other cables in the cable track. Something to think about anyway…

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That is something to think about.

If I get desperate enough, I just might. This beastie has been sitting here nearly complete for too long now

When I ran my router power and the remote speed control and light wires through the cable track I had to get rid of the cable extension connectors to fit everything into the second cable track. It was easy to do and I feel better knowing that I don’t have any sharp edges rubbing other wires every time the cable track moves.

They are Molex KK style connectors.

The crimp pins are

The bodies should be these


FWIW, I believe this was documented here:

And I looked there knowing you’d pop up with the Wiki reference if there was one.

My search was weak.

My apologies that you didn’t find it — suggestions on how to make it easier to find?

At some point in time we’ll dissect the SO3 page and distribute its content through the balance of the wiki so as to remove the current dichotomy, but that’s something I’d liefer @edwardrford did.

I was just using the wrong terminology I think.

PEBKAC issue.

Tony, What gauge of wire did you use for your motor extensions? I think I’m going the splice route myself. The extension cables CM3 sent with my XXL upgrade were just about the right length, except for the right Y motor. That one barely makes it.

Make sure that you take out as many cable track links as you can. My cable tracks came way too long. You only want as many links as are needed for the full travel. That will probably fix your issue.

If not just match whatever is used in the original wire harness. I’m not sure what gauge it is. 16 gauge stranded wire is probably fine for the motors but I I’m not 100% sure.

Thanks. I found the recommended wire for the cable extensions is 18-4 shielded security wire. They sell that at Home Depot, so I’m going to pick some up. I saw your comment regarding removing links from the drag chain in another thread. The drag chain that came with my upgrade seems to be just about right. Maybe they corrected the length they are shipping out? I connected one end right about at the end of where the controller cover sits (from the rear), and when fully extended, the drag chain does not flop out over the front of the machine. So I think the length is about right. I think I just got one cable that is a little short. Of course I never measured it before, and I’d have to pull it out and take all the covers off again to get to it. So I think I’ll just extend the one a little and be done with it.

Just make sure it is stranded wire if it is in the flex part of the cable track. Stranded wire holds up to repeated bending better than solid.

My stepper extensions had plenty of slack for my XXL. I did take some liberties in dressing my gantry wiring, specifically mounting a wiremold track so I didn’t have to look at wires. This did require that I nip off the Molex orientation guides, however a few sharpie marks to ensure orientation should they ever need disconnecting and the extension cable now fits nicely in the track.

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Looks nice! Any info on where you bought the track,Link mabie?

Wiremold. Bought it at Home Depot to disguise all my CAT-6 cabling and SAT coax on the outside of the house. I had a few sticks left over and figured why not hide all the wires. My Y limit and YR motor cables are enclosed in the track.

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That looks nice. I had to look twice to even see it. Good idea.